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Dead Poets Society


In general, we gather every week to work on problems that excite us. Problems that evoke a sense of passion and prolonged energy to those that attempt them. Sometimes we work on problems that can't be solved. The point is that we're all working on it in solidarity. We attempt to look for balance in the unsteady, cohesion in the irrational, and beauty from all the places we never tried to see.


Example Questions

  1. Knights always tell the truth and Knaves always lie. Person #1 says: Both of us are knights. Person #2 says: Person #1 is a knave. What are Persons #1 and #2?

  2. Find the domain of the following function: sqrt(XY) = 1 + X2 Y

  3. Create a display driver for a digital clock.

  4. Write a stream of consciousness composed of words beginning with the letter p, and no more than three words separate each word beginning with p.

It's not exactly possible to give a formal description of the DPS, as the DPS tries to challenge notions such as formality. I'll give it a shot as a mental exercise. Let's say that the DPS provides a space for interested individuals to showcase their successes, and challenge ideas that are regularly accepted as axiom. Its aim is to attempt to generate a unified theory of academia, and help break down the barriers that alienate us from other academic disciplines; except in the cases where they don't. Likewise, we should strive to avoid pretentiousness and pedantry, as the DPS is not a place for individuals to show off their acumen; except, of course, the cases that also belong to sentence (4) of this paragraph. For the most part, we should challenge any statement that leads with "of course", "obviously", or "clearly". Instead I would like to stress the importance of collaboration and good faith effort.