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Math CS Club - Pi Mu Epsilon

We have a student chapter, Maryland Zeta Chapter, of Pi Mu Epsilon founded in May 2001. Every year at the Math & CS club spring picnic, new members are inducted.

A student meeting any one of the following three sets of qualifications may be elected to membership by a chapter. This election shall be irrespective of sex, religion, race, or national origin:

Undergraduate students who have had at least two years of college mathematics including calculus, who have completed their mathematical work with honor (at least B average), and who are in the top one-third of their class in their general college work. Sophomores who are majoring or intend to major in mathematics, who have completed at least three semesters (4 quarters) of college mathematics including one semester of calculus, who have achieved a straight A record in all mathematics courses taken, and, who are in the top quarter of their class in their general work. Graduate students whose mathematical work is at least equivalent to that required of qualified undergraduates, and who have maintained at least a B average in mathematics during their last school year prior to their election.

If you are interested in becoming a member and have not yet been contacted, e-mail Dr. Mike Bardzell.

For more information, visit pme-math.org